insurance services



We administer high standard passenger travel and cargo insurance services at competitive prices through insurance brokers, who specialize in cooperative insurance.

Types of insurance policies that we deal in:

  • Insurance against the dangers of fire
  • Insurance against theft (by force or violence)
  • Monetary insurance (treasury, transfer funds, breach of trust)
  • Civil liability insurance
  • Goods transport insurance (sea, air)
  • Marine Hull insurance
  • Insurance against glass breakage
  • Contractors’ Risk Insurance
  • Insurance on equipment and machinery
  • Insurance against the dangers of fixtures
  • Insurance for appliances and electronic equipment
  • Motor insurance (against third parties, inclusive)
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Savings and investment insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Work injury insurance
  • Job risk insurance
  • Insurance against inventory damage (for refrigerated warehouses and refrigerated cars)
  • Jewelry insurance
  • Agricultural crop insurance
  • Insurance on poultry transport
  • Insurance of livestock
  • International travel insurance (annual or on short term basis)