Exhibitions and Conferences


We offer all services related to organizing exhibitions and conferences for public and private entities, through our specialized partners who are experts in organizing official meetings. We organize and manage conferences and meetings in European, Arab and Asian countries. We offer additional services for processing visa applications, reception of guest, and booking accommodations.

Service Features:

  • Specialized team to organize conferences and meetings
  • Air travel, accommodation, transportation, booking and arranging meeting rooms, sightseeing trips for participants
  • Processing visas for participants
  • Provision of private transportation services during the conference period
  • The provision of reception and check-in services at airports
  • Necessary logistics support available upon request
  • Our wide network of embassies and efficient operations enable us to process visas to any country across the globe at ease.

Customers may request a visa to any country, and we will help with the following services:

  • Requesting and filling embassies forms
  • Scheduling a date for an interview with the embassy
  • Complete orientation of the study-abroad procedures
  • Advisory services for study and travel insurance
  • Follow-up for visas